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Israel is Setting the Example

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Israel is Setting the Example

The killing of a top strategist for the Hamas terrorist movement by Israel was not an assassination as numerous press reports claimed. Neither was Sheik Ahmed Yassin a “spiritual leader,” as was widely reported.

Yassin was a known terrorist. He plotted and executed terrorist attacks against innocent civilians. His death makes him a casualty of war, not a martyr or inappropriate target.

The spokeswoman for Israel’s military, Ruth Yaron, was right when she said: “this is the man who perfected the art of death, by sending human bombs into the streets, into schools and killing children. For us Israelis, Ahmed Yassin was the embodiment of terror.”

We’re hearing nonsense about how this will make the peace process more difficult and how we must urgently solve the “Palestinian issue.” There is no peace process. In an age of terror there is only a war process.

Hamas and their ilk intend to eradicate Israel and kill Americans. They will not be appeased. They must be eliminated.

Israel has shown the way. The rest of the world, including mushy Europeans, should follow.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Israel is Setting the Example