Israel Breaks Tie…Finally December 18, 2001

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Israel Breaks Tie…Finally December 18, 2001

Israel has decided to sever ties with Yasser Arafat. It’s way past time.


Following the latest in a continuing series of suicide bombings that killed at least ten Israli civilians and wounded 30 others, Israel has had enough.

The stated and practiced policy of the so-called “Palestinians” is to drive Israel from the land as a nation-state and expel as many Jews and Christians as possible. That goal has not changed since 1948. Terrorism is their weapon of choice since the five Arab wars against Israel didn’t work.

It is not a question of what Israel does or doesn’t do, or how much land it is willing to relinquish. If it gave up 99.9 percent of the land, it wouldn’t be enough. Israel’s enemies want it all. They view the Jewish people as illegal occupiers of their land. What will it take for the state department to understand this?

It’s up to the Palestinians – abused at the hands of Arafat – to come up with responsible leadership. But they won’t. They’re tied to Hamas and other terror groups who will not let them. The best Israel can do is defend herself. I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Israel Breaks Tie…Finally December 18, 2001