Islam vs. Islamists

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Updated: Apr 24, 2007

Islam vs. Islamists

April 12, 2007

There hasn’t been a lot in the news recently about PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting since they ousted conservative Ken Tomlinson as a CPB board member. Now comes this.

PBS has shelved a film on moderate Muslims. The producers say it was pulled in “an ideological vendetta” and because the production team includes conservative columnist Frank Gaffney.

In a statement, Gaffney said, “This is a well-documented, textbook case of the abuse of taxpayer funding by elements in the public broadcasting system to advocate their agenda and insure that people who have a different agenda don’t get on the air.” Gaffney’s partner, Michael Burke, accused CPB and PBS of stifling the film “on political grounds.”

CPB says the film simply needs work but stands a chance of airing eventually. The film explores the struggles of moderate American Muslims at the hands of radical Muslims. It’s called “Islam vs. Islamists” and it sounds as if it could not be more relevant and timely.

It’s your tax dollars – in this case not at work. If you’d like to see this film, you can contact PBS and CPB through their respective websites.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.

Islam vs. Islamists