Islam Filling England's Vacuum

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Mar 10, 2004

Islam Filling England's Vacuum

One of the few things I learned in physics was that nature abhors a vacuum. So does the spirit world.


In England, where only about two percent of the people bother to attend church, Islam is about to become the dominant faith.

According to "British Muslim Magazine" editor Sarah Joseph, by the year 2020 mosque attendance could surpass church attendance in Britain.


She says between 10,000 and 50,000 per year convert to Islam in England and that the country currently has 1.8 million Muslims.


Joseph says Muslims must fight what she calls “secular fundamentalism” throughout Europe where there is no place for god. She speaks of the effort in France to ban Muslim headscarves on schoolgirls.


She’s right about secular fundamentalism. I wonder if England cares enough about its heritage and its lost faith in the triune God to rediscover it before it is too late.

England has conquered foes of all sorts in its glorious past. Unless it rediscovers the God of scripture, it will be powerless to defend itself against militant, fundamentalist Islam.


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.


Islam Filling England's Vacuum