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IRS Should Investigate Jackson

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Mar 06, 2001

IRS Should Investigate Jackson

At last! The finances of the Rev. Jesse Jackson may be about to be investigated.

The National Legal and Policy Center - a public interest law firm - has formally asked the IRS to look into a $9 million offshoot of Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH coalition to see if it has violated its tax-exempt status.

According to a 33-page complaint filed with the IRS, the National Legal and Policy Center says there have been enough concerns raised about Jackson's activities to warrant an investigation.

A spokesman for Jackson declined to comment on the complaint. But Jackson has had a free ride for years, even after he has been forced to pay for previous abuses of the IRS code and has never been audited. Most people have been afraid to take him on, fearing charges of racism. But now that Jackson has been weakened in the public mind due to his dalliances with women not his wife, apparently he had made himself a target.

Let's hope that fairness prevails and that the law will be applied to Jackson as it is to the rest of us.

IRS Should Investigate Jackson