Iraq Needs Democracy, Different View of God

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Apr 23, 2003

Iraq Needs Democracy, Different View of God

United States Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says Iraq should not be a theocracy, but a democracy where the rights of minorities are guaranteed.


He’s right, of course, and achieving that goal will not only require a constitution, the separation of powers as well as mosque-state separation, it will require re-educating Iraqis in a way similar to what America did in Japan after World War II.


That will be no easy task.   For decades, Iraqis have been taught a carload of lies.   Among other things they’ve been taught to believe is that their god wants human beings to impose his will on everyone, by force if necessary, and by death if required.


Their entire concept of God must change in order for them to be at peace with themselves and with others.   When you believe the way the radicals do and you are told from birth that to deviate from those beliefs is to risk hellfire, it is going to make more than western “infidels” to bring about a spiritual revolution.


That’s where the Iraqi Christians might come in.   But we’ll leave a discussion of that for another time.


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.


Iraq Needs Democracy, Different View of God