Iraq Must Be Won Decisively

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Sep 27, 2004

Iraq Must Be Won Decisively

September 28, 2004

Let me try to summarize this as best I can: the war for Iraq is about victory or defeat.

If it is about victory, shouldn't we start winning it?

Why do these insurgents get to occupy Fallujah and use it as a base to kill Americans and destablilize the government?

We should tell anyone who wants to work to establish peace and freedom to leave Fallujah.

Anyone who remains will be treated as the enemy and destroyed.

Afterwards, the peaceful ones can return.

The left thinks that withdrawing our forces will end the war, but it will only encourage our enemies to recruit more killers, to kill more Americans, including on our own territory.

Iraq must be won decisively.

There can be no retreat, no fighting to a draw.

Complete, total and visible victory must be the goal and that goal must be achieved.

There is no other option and there is no other choice.

We used to fight wars this way.

Any American life put in harm's way is worth victory and nothing else.

If we don't fight this war with that attitude, we will pay for our indecision for many years to come.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

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Iraq Must Be Won Decisively