Inventing Ways of Doing Evil

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, May 14, 2004

Inventing Ways of Doing Evil

The French have come up with a new idea that is somewhere between living together and marriage. It's called PACS – P-A-C-S. It's for men or women, hetero or homosexual who want to live together without the commitment and without the legal requirements marriage brings.

Anyone wishing to opt-out of a PACS has only to give three months notice. Sounds like what is expected when one leaves a job or breaks a lease, doesn't it?

Writing in the Times of London, Faye Weldon says of this arrangement, "it's Europe's aspiration to bring about a society with no tradition or sacrament."

She adds, "this cruel formality is too cold and calculated; an opting out of love."

This is what happens when nations and the people who are part of them forget God.

As Massachusetts prepares next week to legalize same sex marriages, I wonder how far America is behind Europe. Canada is already a long way down the road of secularism.I recall what Paul said: "they invent ways of doing evil."

I'm Cal Thomas.

Inventing Ways of Doing Evil