Immigration Policy Invites Invasion

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, October 31, 2002

Immigration Policy Invites Invasion

Did you see the pictures? 200 Haitian boat people made it to Miami on a boat, jumped in the water and swam ashore. Authorities got them, but what made them think they might be allowed to stay?

Why, our immigration policy, of course. Or, to be more exact, our immigration non-policy. The message has been sent to the world: If you can get here, the politics of this country gives you a good chance of staying.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush was confronted by hostile reporters and activists demanding to know what he was going to do for the "Haitian community".

The question should have been, "What are the governor and his brother, the president, going to do to enforce our laws?"

But it’s all about votes and republicans are trying to outbid democrats for the immigrant vote. They can’t, because democrats will call their bets and raise them every time.

They get amnesty. They get benefits. Why shouldn’t they come?

Illegal immigrants are invading our country. Surely the terrorists know they can sneak in among these people.

Who will stop them?

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Immigration Policy Invites Invasion