If You Trust A Politician...

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If You Trust A Politician...

 July 21, 2009

Never fully trust a politician, especially when they make promises that sound too good to be true. Take health care reform. Do you believe the Obama administration which says you can keep your own doctor? Not for long with a government plan competing with private doctors.

What about rationing? Supporters of the Obama plan say there won’t be any, but there will. Ted Kennedy admits it in Newsweek this week. Peter Singer, the utilitarian philosopher recommends rationing in a New York Times article in the Sunday magazine. That would mean a government bureaucrat will decide how much your life is worth and, based on that calculation, whether you get life-saving or life-enhancing surgery.

Many predicted this day would come after abortion was made legal. If God is not the author of life, then man is; if God can’t set our value, then man does. Are you happy with government providing your health care? Do you like the way government does everything else? If the answer is “no,’ then you’d better let your senator and congressman know and fast while you still can.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.