How Things Change: Border Control No Longer Called "Racist"

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, September 27, 2001

How Things Change: Border Control No Longer Called "Racist"

A new Zogby poll on what Americans can do to fight terrorism indicates that all segments of American society overwhelmingly believe we are not doing enough to control the nation's borders and that more screening must be done before we allow people in the country.

What amazes me about these findings is that not too many years ago, controlling our borders and screening those who enter was considered racist. When former California Gov. Pete Wilson made the same suggestion, he was widely criticized and the way was paved for Democrats to take over state government.

It's funny how one major incident like the terrorist attack on Sept. 11 changes everything. To the surprise of some, perhaps, Hispanics favor more border control and better screening almost as much as whites and blacks.

Why didn't people get this before Sept. 11? It's because they pay too much attention to television and the politicians and not enough to common sense.