How Rude Can We Be?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Saturday, April 6, 2002

How Rude Can We Be?

Have you had anyone behave rudely to you recently? Apparently a lot of people have.

The research group, Public Agenda, says the nation's civility and manners have gotten worse, and four in 10 Americans admit they have contributed to the pushy rudeness that increasingly characterizes modern life.

According to the survey, crassness is rising in all regions of America. Unhappiness with reckless drivers, cell-phone abuse, poor customer service, swearing and litter came from big cities and small towns. The survey found experiences with bad behavior were virtually the same no matter where one is from or their economic status.

Seventy nine percent say that lack of respect and courtesy has become a serious national problem. That's been my experience, especially on the road, and even among women who make gestures that a few years ago they would have never made in public.

Just another example of a culture uncontrolled by traditional mores. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.