Honoring Two Serious Christians

Honoring Two Serious Christians

July 15, 2008

Two friends of mine left us last weekend and we are worse off because of it.

Dr. Michael DeBakey was arguably the greatest cardiovascular surgeon of the 20th century and possibly any century. He was two months shy of his 100th birthday. I first met him when I was a young reporter in Houston in the late ’60s. Mike DeBakey was the son of Lebanese Christian immigrants and was himself a serious Christian. When my grandson had to have heart surgery, he told me he was praying for him and sent me bible verses as an encouragement.

Tony Snow was also a serious Christian. He was haunted by cancer all his life, because his mother died of it when Tony was just seventeen. At our media dinner last year, he shared his testimony. He said he wasn’t afraid of death because death would be a graduation.

Both men have now graduated and are in the presence of the God they loved and the Savior they knew and served. Pray for those left behind, especially Tony’s wife and young children.


Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.