Hollywood Against America

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, December 12, 2002

Hollywood Against America

The Hollywood Left is at it again. They’re against any war with Iraq, and are frantically saying so to anyone who will listen.

The usual newspaper ads and statements from the likes of Mike Farrell, Martin Sheen and the usual suspects are being aired and printed. They should be ignored, like Barbra Streisand’s esteemed political recommendations.

The problem with these lefties is they have always demonstrated and protested in the wrong country. They are opposed to America doing anything to stop evil but they never oppose evil itself. In fact, they think it’s the United States that is evil.

In the past, some of them could be seen in Hanoi, or Moscow, or Beijing, or Havana, making outrageously disparaging and treasonous remarks about their own country while praising our enemies – some of whom were bloodthirsty dictators and oppressors.

Let them demonstrate against Saddam Hussein in Iraq and see how long they last. If they showed up Baghdad and made a negative peep about Saddam, they would be arrested and probably never heard from again -- which might not be a bad thing except that no one wants to see an American mistreated.

So, we’ll watch with the usual bemusement while President Bush does the right thing because he knows evil when he sees it.

Remember 9/11?

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Hollywood Against America