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Government Spending Priorities

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, June 17, 2002

Government Spending Priorities

The Democrat-majority Senate has again killed permanent repeal of the death tax. This means that after 2010, the full 55 percent tax on estates worth over $1 million will be reinstated. The best year to die is 2010, because that year the death tax will be zero. So, plan accordingly if this is important to you.

Congress doesn't mind spending our money. It just doesn't want us to be able to keep more of it. The national taxpayer's union says that out of 5,501 bills introduced last year, only 50 would cut spending. That represents a 10-year high. Perhaps the most outrageous of these are bills supposedly designed to fight terrorism and for homeland security. There is so much pork in these bills it might give a pig a heart attack.

Included are provisions to report animal-rights violations at puppy-breeding establishments and support for honey bee research centers to help ensure "the world's food supply. Oh, and there's $55 million for more Amtrak subsidies. Have you noticed that congress has a tough time cutting our taxes, but no trouble in wasteful spending? It's pathetic, but you can change it in November ... maybe. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.