GOP Delivers With Schwarzenegger And The First Lady

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, September 2, 2004
GOP Delivers With Schwarzenegger And The First Lady

GOP Delivers With Schwarzenegger And The First Lady

September 2, 2004


That was quite a speech Tuesday night by California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It took an immigrant to remind us natives of what America is about.
He was funny and profound. He was self-depricating and worshipful of his adopted country and even though he favors abortion, same-sex marriage and gun control, he is enough of a patriot, an optimist and a cheerleader - not to mention a star - that even religious conservatives were willing to forgive him at least for one night for his other positions. A desire to win can do that to a lot of people.
Laura Bush was properly elegant and steely. She spoke of her husband, not herself. It contrasted with Teresa Heinz Kerry's address to the Democrat convention in Boston. Mrs. Bush spoke of how her husband agonized before going to war with Iraq.


The Bush daughters would have been better somewhere else and let's hope they go back under wraps. Their attempts at humor and embracing the culture mocked the values of most delegates. But all in all, it was a good show for the Republican National Convention.


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