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Going After Saddam

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Going After Saddam

Here are several questions about the war on terror. Do we know what the "end game" is? If we decide to go after Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, we won't have the luxury of a six-month buildup, as we did in the Gulf War. So, are we prepared for biological and chemical attacks on our troops and on Israel? How should we respond? And suppose when we attack Iraq, that al Queda cells in this country begin a series of terrorist assaults, using some of the same weapons Saddam uses. What then?

The problem with this war is that we don't have a single dictator or entity to go after. There is no Soviet Union. There is no Nazi Germany; no imperial Japan. There are only terror cells scattered around the world and among us. They are extremely dangerous and difficult to stop, because they are largely unseen.
We are getting a late start on this war because we have refused to see it coming. Catch-up is always more difficult than staying ahead. These questions must be asked. But the bigger question is, who will answer them? I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.