God Not Welcome at These Newspapers

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, March 23, 2001

God Not Welcome at These Newspapers

Censorship and bigotry take many forms. Like this one.

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Mel Martinez, immigrated from Cuba as a child. His is a true American success story, and he recently said this: "If you share the dream of a brighter tomorrow, and you're willing to pursue it with respect for others and an abiding faith in God, all things are possible."

Sounds pretty harmless, even noble, don't you think? Apparently not to the St. Petersburg; Dallas; Bergen, N.J.; and St. Louis newspapers. All of them took out the God part, as if he never said it. The St. Petersburg and St. Louis papers at least included an ellipsis, indicating something had been edited out. The others papers just cut the sentence, which apparently offended the editor.

With all of the garbage on television and the daily inhumanities and outrages in our newspapers, you would think a pleasant reference to God might be welcome. Apparently not, but thank God for Mel Martinez.