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Genome Map Promises Good - and Evil

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, February 15, 2001

Genome Map Promises Good - and Evil

There is no use bemoaning the announcement that the mapping process of human genes is complete. We can't turn back now.

Yes, this holds great promise for eradicating some diseases, lengthening life and contributing to its quality. But, sinners that we are, it also opens the door to cloning, eugenics and a whole host of other evils. Did we think we would stop with abortion? Once a moral line has been crossed, it is difficult to return to the other side.

We read and see stories of ethicists grappling with the moral dimensions of the human genome map. But one can't have ethics without God - at least the kind of ethics that are rooted in eternal things. We have rejected God's counsel for at least 40 years. Now, we think we are God and can do whatever is scientifically possible.

I rejoice over the possibilities for good that will come from the genome map. I am also saddened by the possibilities for evil from those for whom God and His ways are a myth. Dr. Frankenstein was before his time.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.