Gay is Normal?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Dec 05, 2003

Gay is Normal?

This is how bad it is getting. A 7-year-old boy in Lafayette, Louisiana, was scolded and forced to write, “I will never use the word ‘gay’ in school again.” This, after he told a classmate about his lesbian mother.

According to an ACLU complaint (naturally) second-grader Marcus McLaurin was waiting for recess to begin November 11 at his elementary school when a classmate asked about his mother and father. Marcus responded he had two mothers because his mother is gay. When the other child asked for an explanation, Marcus told him, “gay is when a girl likes another girl,” according to the complaint.

A teacher who heard the remark scolded Marcus, telling him “gay” was a “bad word” and sending him to the principal’s office. The following week, Marcus had to come to school early and write, “I will never use the word ‘gay’ in school again.”

The ACLU is demanding the case be removed from Marcus’ file and that the school apologize to the boy and his mother.

I’m sure they’ll get it because today “gay” is normal and if you don’t think so, it’s not their fault. It’s yours.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Gay is Normal?