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Gambling's New Image

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, May 21, 2001

Gambling's New Image

Heres something we dont need. The gaming industry (that was gambling before they changed their name to change their image) supports Internet gambling. They used to oppose it because they thought it would take money away from Nevada and Atlantic City gambling establishments. But now theyve figured out a way to get their cut and suddenly theyre for it.

Well, not all of the casinos favor the idea. Both sides are lobbying members of congress and that means plenty of gambling money around town.

I suspect well eventually get it because many of the people behind gambling are behind pornography and we can get that in our homes via the Internet. So look for more addictions, more wasting of money that could buy families food, or pay the rent or college. The politicians dont care as long as they get re-elected and there is plenty of gambling money around to help them deal with any ethical considerations. Gambling at home. Possibly coming to a neighborhood near you, perhaps your home, soon.