Funds Finally Suspended from Nations

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, July 3, 2003

Funds Finally Suspended from Nations

The United States has suspended more than $47 million in military aid to 35 countries. The reason is that these nations refuse to protect Americans on their territory from prosecution by the international criminal court.  

It's about time we stopped taking so much guff from a world that takes our money and slaps us in the face. The penalized nations include six new U.S. allies in central and eastern Europe that are expected to join NATO next year, as well as Columbia, whose government is fighting a war against drugs and leftist guerillas.

We should stop paying the world's bills, especially their military bills. Let them pay their own. Their ingratitude is bad enough, but we have military obligations of our own as we seek to protect and project freedom around the world.

Good for the Bush administration for saying we don't intend to take it anymore. Any nation that signs up for this world court, which will spend most of its time going after us, should be told we don't intend to subsidize their efforts.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.