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From Illegal Aliens to Citizens?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Friday, April 12, 2013

From Illegal Aliens to Citizens?

According to the Washington Post -- always a dubious source -- some Republican and Democratic senators may be willing to compromise in order to reach a deal on several issues, including immigration. According to the Post, a path to citizenship is among the issues some senators from both sides of the aisle are agreeing to.

I might be for workers permits that allow them to be here, not not citizenship. Citizenship ought not to be granted to people who broke our laws to get here. And we know the Democrats see them as potential voters for Democrats. "Undocumented Democrats" is what Rush Limbaugh first called them. Importing votes is what I say.

Granting citizenship to illegal aliens will encourage more to come as it did the last time this was done under Ronald Reagan 27 years ago. Citizenship carries with it certain responsibilities. It should not be a reward for law breakers.

I'm Cal Thomas.

Publication date: April 12, 2013

From Illegal Aliens to Citizens?