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Free Speech or Riots

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Feb 09, 2006

Free Speech or Riots

February 8, 2006

What we see in the rioting over political cartoons in Europe is our future if we don’t stand up to these monsters. As senator Orrin Hatch said on Tuesday, “We are faced with a war unlike any other we’ve ever been in.” We’d better fight it harder and better than any of those previous wars.

The Muslim Jihadists want everyone to conform to their way of thinking, their way of life, their way of dress, communication, speech and religion. If we don’t, we risk being killed.

Good for the Europeans for stressing free speech and reprinting those cartoons. Let’s hope they don’t lose their newly-discovered spine. This is more than a clash between civilizations. This is a war between the 21st and 7th centuries, between those who believe their god has appointed them to kill all those who disagree with their twisted theology and those who believe in god’s grace and leaving judgment to him on a later day.

Christians and Jews are frequent targets of hate and stereotyping. While they may complain, they don’t riot and kill. Let’s remember what we’re up against. Let’s defend our freedoms, including the right to speak.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.



Free Speech or Riots