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Fond Farewell for 'Touched by an Angel'

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, April 25, 2003

Fond Farewell for 'Touched by an Angel'

The highly successful CBS television program “Touched by an Angel” leaves the air after this weekend’s two-part finale.   And what a sendoff it is.   Not only do we see flashbacks and reunions with guests from the nine seasons the show has run, but in these final two episodes, we meet Jesus for the first time.


You won’t recognize him by name, but you’ll recognize him by his acts and then, in the Sunday night finale, by his words which are straight from scripture.   Oh, and Satan makes an appearance as well. You will have no trouble spotting him.


“Touched by an Angel” was a miracle from the beginning.   It should never have gotten on the air, or lasted so long.   Yes, it occasionally drifted into strange territory (mostly because not all of the script writers were believers), but when executive producer Martha Williamson wrote the scripts – as she did the final two-parts – she infused them with the words of God.


Let’s give this wonderful show a high-ratings sendoff.   Spread the word.   Send CBS a positive message that you’d like to see more good programming like this.


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.


Fond Farewell for 'Touched by an Angel'