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Feminist Experimentation Won't Change Our Nature

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Feminist Experimentation Won't Change Our Nature

A two-year experiment with single-sex public schools in California has failed. Six sets of all-boy and all-girl schools opened in 1996 and '97. The objective was to inspire girls to leadership and make boys more sensitive.

Feminists have been trying to change the nature of boys and girls for decades. Some years ago, there was an experiment that had girls playing with trucks and boys playing with dolls. That didn't work either. But the gender soldiers won't give up. That's because they have a flawed view of men and women and they have that flawed view because they have a flawed view, or no view, of God, who made us male and female. He didn't make us superior and inferior. He made us different, and when we are rightly related to Him and to each other, we are complements. But our enemy puts us at each other's throats.

No amount of experimentation by feminists will change the nature of men and women. These California school examples are more evidence of the bankruptcy of the government education system.