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Farewell to the Hippocratic Oath

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Updated: Jul 06, 2007

Farewell to the Hippocratic Oath

A group of 45 Muslim doctors threatened to use car bombs and rocket grenades in terrorist attacks against the United States during discussions on an extremist internet chat site, according to the London Telegraph.

Police found details of the discussions on a site operated by one member of what they called a “cyber-terrorist” gang of three people. The messages were discovered in a private home in southeast London.

One message said, “We are 45 doctors and we are determined to undertake jihad and take the battle inside America.”

Plans reportedly called for targeting the USS John Kennedy, which is based at the Mayport Naval Base in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as strip clubs in the area. It also referred to using six Chevrolet GT vehicles and three fishing boats and blowing up gas tanks with rocket propelled grenades.

The three face long jail sentences after admitting using the internet to spread al Qaeda propaganda inciting Muslims to kill unbelievers. How much more of this will we and Britain take?


Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.

Farewell to the Hippocratic Oath