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Failing Schools and the Role of Parents

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Failing Schools and the Role of Parents

I get a lot of mail. Here's a particularly good letter from a woman who says she's been a teacher for 21 years. She writes, "I am held 100 percent accountable for my job ... (but) students and parents are not held accountable at all.

"Until most parents view schools as an educational facility and not a day care center, there will be no progress in our educational standards (and test scores).

"Until most parents (and their children) view education as a tool for the future, no progress will be made. Until most parents take responsibility for the education of their children - get involved, support the school, continue education at home, stop using the schools as baby-sitters, no progress will be made.

"Until school districts stop social promotion - they can only stay in elementary or junior high for so many years -- no progress will be made. The schools do not need money. (They) need parents to be parents and take responsibility for, and an active part in, the education of their children."

Nice letter!