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Evil is Exploding All Around Us

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Oct 10, 2002

Evil is Exploding All Around Us

Police in the Washington, D.C. area are investigating the potential significance of a tarot card with the words "Dear policeman: I am God" written on it. Could it be a message from, or a clue to, the sniper who has killed at least six people-- and possibly a seventh-- and wounded two others?

There is more talk of evil these days than I have heard in a long time. Saddam Hussein is evil and plots evil. Meanwhile, al Qaeda terrorists plot evil against America and violence against Americans around the world.

The scriptures speak of evil increasing the closer we get to the return of Christ. Maybe Satan hopes to get in some last licks before he is thrown into the lake of fire.

It is dangerous to attempt to be a prophet or to think that this is the moment of which scripture speaks. Jesus said he will come when we least expect it, so if we are expecting him to come -- by his own words, he is not coming.

Still, evil is exploding all around us. There has never been a better time to put on the whole armor of God that we might prevail against it.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Evil is Exploding All Around Us