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Don't Believe All the Media's Stories About Science

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Don't Believe All the Media's Stories About Science

Do you realize how much junk science and junk politics are in the news we get? For example, Sunday was "Earth Day," which is little more than an opportunity for liberals to bash conservatives. Conservatives hate the earth. They want to pollute our water, land and air. They are in the pocket of the big polluting corporations. You've heard all that.

The media help communicate the bogus view that we're about to burn up because of global warming. AIDS is decimating Africa and the world. It's an epidemic.

There is considerable science that repudiates all of the gloom and doom and junk science the media and their liberal political pals constantly thrust at us. But, because most people are inclined to believe the worst, conservatives are forced to toe the liberal line or risk annihilation.

Take oil. We've got a lot more than we're getting. But liberals say we can't drill in Alaska. Science has allowed us to drill there for years with no bad effects on nature, but drilling in Alaska is equated in the public mind with raping the land and killing animals. Don't believe what the media says. Read and think for yourself.