Don't Allow this Election to be Stolen

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Oct 24, 2002

Don't Allow this Election to be Stolen

The election is less than two weeks away and the cheating is well underway.

From possibly illegal Native American votes in South Dakota, to the expected votes by felons and dead people, voter fraud will be at a peak this time around. That's because control of the house -- and especially the senate-- is up for grabs. Democrats and republicans know that with control of the senate, tax policy and the judiciary can be affected for years to come.

There are stories floating about that liberal republican Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island will switch parties if the senate is split evenly in order to keep Vice President Dick Cheney from casting tie-breaking votes.

Republicans have charged that in the very tight Arkansas senate race, democrats are trying to steal the election by registering dead people and not requiring identification to vote. In Florida, a law allows people to "vote early." So, of course, democrats are taking advantage by mobilizing angry black voters who think they were denied the right to vote in the last election.

And so it goes. Will you be voting? You'd better. On public policy issues, this could be the most important election in decades.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Don't Allow this Election to be Stolen