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Did the White House Threaten Bob Woodward?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Published: Mar 01, 2013

Did the White House Threaten Bob Woodward?

When someone in the White House threatens the Washington Post's Bob Woodward for telling the truth, you know the administration's arrogance has reached new heights.

Woodward reported the sequestration was the president's idea. He said the decision not to deploy an aircraft carrier as part of the spending reduction was "a kind of madness I haven't seen in a long time." Woodward has been critical of other recent decisions by the administration.

He told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that a "very senior" White House person warned him he would "regret" what he's doing. Woodward took that as a threat.

The Obama crowd are behaving like a bunch of Chicago gangsters in the 1920s. They think they own the town and everyone in it. The country, too.

Polls indicate a growing number of Americans are starting to see the president for what he is. In an ancient fable, it was said the emperor has no clothes. This president behaves like an emperor. When the threats start, it means the imperial attitude has gone to a whole new level.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Publication date: March 4, 2013

Did the White House Threaten Bob Woodward?