Despite Reports, Bush Didn't Mess Up in Europe

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Despite Reports, Bush Didn't Mess Up in Europe

The big media, as usual, had it all wrong about President Bush's trip to Europe. They said Europeans viewed him as a cowboy with an itchy trigger finger. Funny, that's what they used to say about Ronald Reagan. Having diminished expectations, they now say he exceeded them, but what could you expect since the expectations (which they helped create) were so low.

Have they no shame? Of course they do not.

The Washington Times, which is still my favorite newspaper, had it right when it headlined: "Successful trip has Bush celebrating V-E days; tour de force performance defies his critics." That's why I read this paper first everyday.

Another story tells of accolades from foreign leaders. Just days earlier, the New York Times and Washington Post, along with all of the networks, except FOX, were saying how Europe was united in its opposition to Bush's policies. He even seemed to charm Russian President Vladimir Putin, though we'll see where that goes.

The point is, Bush didn't mess up. He did well in representing America and American interests. That's his job, which the big media seemed to forget.