Demonstrating the Christ of Christmas

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Dec 23, 2002

Demonstrating the Christ of Christmas

It's been a typical Christmas season this year - from the heavy focus on material things, to strenuous efforts by various groups to expunge Christmas from the public square and the public vocabulary.

"Happy holidays" is what merchants are instructed to say to their customers, lest someone be offended.  But what if I am offended that they don't mention Christmas?  People like me don't matter.  As we all know by now, it is instead the Muslims, Jews, Kwanza celebrators and atheists we must not offend.

But no man can obliterate the story of the birth of Jesus.  Even the pagans know it.  This Christmas, strike back!  Not with lawsuits and not in anger, but with the same attitude God had when he sent his Son to redeem fallen humanity.

Do you know a lonely or outcast person you could invite for Christmas dinner? If you're alone, yourself, and have not been invited anywhere, volunteer at a soup kitchen or rescue mission. You might be among angels unaware.

The practice of Christmas by those who believe its message can have a more powerful effect than lights, cards and Christmas trees.  Try it.  You'll see. 

Merry Christmas to you and yours from Cal Thomas in Washington.

Demonstrating the Christ of Christmas