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Democrats Risking Black Votes

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, February 24, 2003

Democrats Risking Black Votes

For decades, the black vote has been in the pocket of the Democratic Party. Republicans have tried, but failed, to break the loyalty of African Americans to the democrats.

Now, according to no less an authority than Donna Brazile, they may be doing just that. Brazile, the first black woman to run a presidential campaign, directed Vice President Al Gore’s presidential run in 2000. She says democrats must stop attacking Reverend Al Sharpton because republicans are making "inroads" into one of the party’s most loyal voting blocks. She says the black vote is "trending away" from democrats.

The new generation of black voters does not necessarily follow the politics or the tactics of the "we shall overcome" generation. But beyond that, Donna Brazile is right. White democrats think they can attack black leaders and not pay the price.

Let them continue to do so…often. More than conservatives and republicans will benefit. Black voters will benefit, as well.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.