Democrats Close to Getting a Clue

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Nov 20, 2002

Democrats Close to Getting a Clue

Are democrats finally seeing the light?

The moderate Democratic Leadership Council now says that bashing president bush and demagoguing the prescription drug industry, among other tactics, has not worked.

A memo to council members says, "After four straight election cycles of campaigning on an agenda pretty much limited to promising the moon on prescription drugs and attacking Republicans on social security, it’s time for the congressional wing of the party – and the political consultants – who have relentlessly promoted this message as an electoral silver bullet – to bury it once and for all."

The memo went on to say, "We agree with the many democrats who are saying that the party needs a bigger, bolder, clearer agenda and message. But we disagree with those who are saying the party should achieve that clarity simply by moving to the left. Creating partisan differentiation at any cost, and engaging in more negative campaigning against the president and Republicans in order to energize the Democratic base."

Will they listen? Of course not. They’re liberals.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Democrats Close to Getting a Clue