Death of a Powerful Christian Mind

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Death of a Powerful Christian Mind

Carl Henry, who died last week at age 90, was one of the greatest and most faithful theologians who ever lived. I knew him for more than 30 years and he was one of a very few Christian thinkers of whom it could be said that he effectively and powerfully held the line against creeping liberalism, syncretism and heresies of all kinds.

The New York Times had a wonderful obituary, which I encourage you to read. It quoted David Neff, editor of Christianity Today magazine, which Dr. Henry also edited at its founding. Neff said, "if we see Billy Graham as the great public face and generous spirit of the evangelical movement, Carl Henry was its brains."

His multi-volume work, "God, Revelation and Authority" is a classic.

He once said, "the clergy have neither a divine mandate nor authority nor special competence to articulate particular programs of politico-economic action and when they pronounce their fallible ideas with presumptive piety they encourage public doubt about the church's possession of an authentic word of God in the theological and moral realm." Amen.

In Phoenix, Arizona, I'm Cal Thomas.