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Daschle and Dems Reluctantly Agree

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Oct 14, 2002

Daschle and Dems Reluctantly Agree

Reluctantly, senate majority leader Tom Daschle and other Democrats have agreed to go along with a resolution supporting President Bush’s declared intention of stopping Saddam Hussein from using his weapons of mass destruction.

This war of liberation and self-defense can’t come too soon. The London Daily Telegraph reported last week that Saddam is building a new 33-foot long “supergun” capable of firing biological or chemical shells with equipment from German companies.

How fitting that the Germans, who have refused to be part of the coalition against Hussein, and who have blood on their hands from the Nazi era, would be providing the means by which Saddam could follow in Hitler’s footsteps.

I wish I could say that Democrats were standing with the president on principle. No doubt, some are. But Daschle and company care more about power than principle and that’s why they are backing the president – not because he’s right, but because they hope it will help them hold on in the election.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Daschle and Dems Reluctantly Agree