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Culture of Irresponsibility Means No Choices, Just Victims

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, May 16, 2003

Culture of Irresponsibility Means No Choices, Just Victims

I saw a slightly overweight woman on Linda Vester’s new Fox News television show this week.   The woman said it is impossible for her to resist eating fast food and so it is the responsibility of the fast food establishments to cut down on the fat content, not hers.

That is so typical of our culture, isn’t it?   I’m not responsible for anything.   Everything bad I do is to be free of any moral content -- assuming anything is bad because that requires a moral choice.

We can’t advise some people not to eat fast food and take responsibility for their lives, because that would be insensitive and judgmental.   So it is the responsibility of McDonald’s and Wendy’s to save fat people from themselves.

So it isn’t the responsibility of the person driving the car when he goes 90 miles an hour.   It’s the car makers fault for building a vehicle that goes that fast.   Pathetic, isn’t it?   No accountability, no responsibility – it’s just someone else’s fault.

But that’s where we are today.   And that’s why so many people are overweight.   Among other things, obesity has apparently affected their reasoning process.  

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.