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Cultural Calamity

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, July 18, 2005

Cultural Calamity

July 18, 2005

The London Daily Telegraph columnist Boris Johnson was in the United States during our July 4 observance.

He envies the flags that are flown everywhere and laments how the British flag is no longer regarded as something to be proud of in an age of political correctness and multiculturalism.

He also praises the pledge of allegiance children say in their schools.

Johnson says the only way to get back pride in Britain is to begin teaching in their schools what it means to be British, he rightly concludes that "we no longer make any real demands of loyalty upon those who are immigrants or the children of immigrants...too many Britons have no sense of allegiance to this country or its institutions."

He calls it a "cultural calamity."

He is right.

No nation can survive if it fails to hold any truths self-evident and doesn't teach them to everyone.

Multiculturalism and diversity are disastrous to any country that does not know what it means to be British, or American, and fails to teach those virtues to the next generation.

In Northern Ireland, I'm Cal Thomas.

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Cultural Calamity