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Court Case Highlights Truth About Abortion

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, March 7, 2001

Court Case Highlights Truth About Abortion

We're used to stories about pro-lifers having to pay fines to abortion clinic operators for demonstrating and informing. That's why it's nice to hear this story. A San Francisco jury has ordered a Planned Parenthood clinic to pay $672,610 in damages to a San Franciso woman who received a botched abortion of her twins.

One baby was aborted, but the other was partially dismembered and left alive in the womb. The woman had the second baby killed several weeks later in a late-term abortion.

Now the happy part about this is certainly not that two more innocent children have been killed, but that the lies of Planned Parenthood have again been exposed. They claim abortions are safe. They're never safe for the babies, and they are frequently not safe for the woman, who many times is unable to have additional children. New studies are also showing a link between abortion and breast cancer.

Planned Parenthood will appeal, but this case will publicize what happens behind their abortion clinic walls.