Corruption, Thy Name is Abramhoff

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Jan 18, 2006

Corruption, Thy Name is Abramhoff

January 9, 2006

Jack Abramhoff. Remember that name. He is – or was – the multi-millionaire lobbyist who has admitted defrauding clients, evading taxes and conspiracy. He defrauded the Indian tribes and their casinos and he contributed money to members of congress in exchange for political and legislative favors.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi was quick with a statement about how this proves the republican majority government is the most corrupt in history. Not exactly.

Democrats have also been on the receiving end of Abramhoff’s largesse. And democrats in the recent past have been indicted, forced to resign office, or gone to jail for breaking the law.

This isn’t a Republican or Democrat problem. It is a problem of the political culture. Term limits would help. That would take much of the temptation out of politics. It would also remove a lot of the money because members of Congress would have to have real jobs to which they would quickly return after public service. Right now, too many are serving only themselves. Not all are corrupt, but too many are compromised.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.

Corruption, Thy Name is Abramhoff