Convictions at the Convention

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Convictions at the Convention

The Democratic National Convention was all about unity and putting aside any differences.

The Republican convention may not be quite as placid.

Immigration and same-sex "marriage" are shaping up as the most contentious issues before the GOP platform writing committee.

One republican who is said to be close to the platform process says Bush representatives are working with platform writers and "will try to prevent extremism in language on gay rights by some evangelical groups and on immigration by some of our conservatives."

What could this possibly mean?

Is it extreme to preserve marriage for men and women?

Is it extreme to say that we have too many people violating our immigration laws, including terrorists, and something should be done about it?

Republicans ought to be less concerned with language and more concerned with convictions and what is right.

The pro-life platform is expected to remain as it has been since 1984.

Let's hope a conviction about life will extend to other important concerns.

I'm Cal Thomas.

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Convictions at the Convention