Conversing in the Public Square

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Nov 22, 2006

Conversing in the Public Square

November 20, 2006

The Washington Post and Newsweek magazine have combined to launch a new web site called “On Faith.” I am a part of it. It’s something like Paul’s situation on Mars Hill. You’ll recall he was surrounded by all sorts of people and monuments to various gods and even one to the “unknown god.” It was that God he told the people about and it is that God I am seeking to make known to those who visit this web page.

You will be able to post your own comments and even respond to some of the comments made by others. By the way, some of them are pretty ugly. I’m sure they are from people who would consider themselves tolerant.

Anyway, it’s a wonderful opportunity and I hope you will visit it often and respond to my essay and anyone else on there. The web address is:\onfaith. Click on “all on faith panelists” and scroll down to my name.

This is not only a great marketplace, but it affords me an opportunity to be a witness to those who have helped put the page together. I hope you’ll pray for them. Let me know what you think.

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Conversing in the Public Square