Conservative Not Republican

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: May 25, 2005

Conservative Not Republican

May 26, 2005

There is a reason I call myself a conservative and not a republican.

Look at what happened Monday night in Washington in the United States senate.

Seven wishy-washy republicans joined seven democrats to do the wrong thing.

They reached a so-called compromise that was more about compromising the GOP victories at the ballot box.

Not all republicans are conservative, though most conservatives tend to vote republican because that is where they have traditionally found their interests supported and defended.

That may be changing.

It isn't that the right expects to get its way all the time.

What it does expect is that after giving allegiance to this party for four decades, republicans will vote on core principles that reflect conservative values.

In our constitutional system of government, nothing is of greater importance to conservatives than having judges on the bench who uphold the constitution and do not make law.

These seven republicans sold out that principle for the praise of democrats and their allies in the left-wing media.

They should be made to pay a heavy electoral price.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

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Conservative Not Republican