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Congressional Hypocrisy

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Mar 26, 2004

Congressional Hypocrisy

In the mid 60's when Medicare was introduced, the public was assured by the Johnson administration the cost would never exceed a relatively modest amount. That promise was broken long ago as costs soared.

Now we hear that Medicare will go broke sooner than expected, partly because of exploding health costs and partly because of new Medicare law, including the prescription drug benefit.

As what always happens when government gets involved, prices go up. What is needed is more free market competition, like Congress has with its health plan. Congress imposes on the rest of us what it would never impose on itself.

With this latest report of financial insolvency on the horizon, you know what will happen. Politicians will try to raise taxes to pay for it all and anyone who resists will be accused of hating the elderly. 

Competition works. The public ought to be asking for the same benefits Congress gets, which doesn't have to worry about health insurance, medical care or retirement. They take care of themselves, but you and I are on our own.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Congressional Hypocrisy