"Common Ground"

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: May 22, 2005

"Common Ground"

May 23, 2005

Perhaps you saw it in last Thursday’s USA Today.

It was a conversation between democratic strategist Bob Beckel and me about congressional travel.

The feature is called “Common Ground.”

Both of us decided there is enough screaming and yelling in politics and wouldn’t it be useful to see if there are certain things people of different – but not always different – political beliefs might share in common.

We agree that the media, the fundraisers and the politicians often benefit from this divisiveness.

It energizes their separate bases.

But those of us who would actually like to see something get done have a responsibility to lead and not be part of the shouting.

USA Today loved the idea and they are going to use us on a rather frequent basis.

I hope you’ll look for  “Common Ground.”

It will usually be found inside the back page of the first section.

If you think it’s a good idea, email a letter to the editor and let him know.

Neither of us is sacrificing his principles, but both of us think someone needs to set an example and just maybe this will be it.

I’m Cal Thomas in New York.

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"Common Ground"