Commencement Speech Follies

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Commencement Speech Follies

Yes, once again it is commencement time around the country, and the usual suspects are being invited to address the graduates -- many of whom have been programmed to accept liberal doctrines about God, capitalism and the United States of America.


In order to best demonstrate the right degree of “tolerance,” Muslim radicals have been invited to speak at a few baccalaureate services.


About 100 students walked out at St. Joseph’s university in Philadelphia to protest the commencement speaker, Senator Rick Santorum, who opposes special rights for homosexuals.


Meanwhile, failed talk show host Phil Donahue was booed by a few students -- and a handful waked out -- at North Carolina State University when he started listing “what liberals believe.”


What I believe is that I would never waste my money sending a child of mine to schools that teach things that go against my beliefs and values.  It continues to amaze me that so many parents do this.  


Have you noticed that it never works in reverse?   There is no tolerance or promotion of conservative ideas.  


What does that tell you?  


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.


Commencement Speech Follies