Clinton's Supporters Finally See the Light

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, March 8, 2001

Clinton's Supporters Finally See the Light

Did you read, or hear about, Bib Herbert's column in the New York Times? Herbert was one of Bill Clinton's staunchest defenders during the impeachment process.

Herbert said Clinton "is so thoroughly corrupt it's frightening." Yes it is, but those of us who warned about putting such a morally corrupt man in office were labeled "Clinton haters." Now that liberals like Herbert are saying the same thing, what are they?

Herbert also writes that Clinton "always had an easy, breezy relationship with wrongdoing" and that Democrats must save their party from Clinton by cutting him loose.

He concludes his column this way: "You can't lead a nation if you are ashamed of the leadership of your party. The Clintons are a terminally unethical and vulgar couple, and they've betrayed everyone who has ever believed in them."

Wow! That's better, or worse, than any conservative ever said. But since they are now just finding this out, what does it say about their own integrity?