Clinton Lied--A Headline We've Seen Before

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jun 28, 2004

Clinton Lied--A Headline We've Seen Before

June 28, 2004

Here's a headline for you: Bill Clinton lied.

That's from the mouth of Monica Lewinsky, who says he lied about her in his book, "My Life."

Lewinsky says Clinton failed to acknowledge how he destroyed her life and she is disappointed over how their affair is addressed.

She told the British network ITV, "I really didn't expect him to talk in detail about the relationship, but what I was hoping and did expect him to acknowledge and correct (was) the false statements that he, his staff and the (democratic national committee) made about me when they were trying to protect the presidency."

Lewinsky doesn't get it. She meant nothing to Clinton. No one does, unless they can increase the power and income of Bill and Hillary.

In his book, Clinton calls her a good person. Really? Does a "good person" have an affair with a married man and later have an abortion after being impregnated by another man?

Talk about your distorted values? But that is what we expect from Bill Clinton.

We can also expect more lies revealed in this book. But that will come as no surprise as this man's life was built on them.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

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Clinton Lied--A Headline We've Seen Before